Roy makes me laugh.

Roy is so funny. As you all know it is me who writes all the posts but it is Roy who adds the images. He read last nights blog then called me a while later to say he had added a photo. Very clever! I did suggest at one point dismantling the boatman’s cabin so it would fit the piano, perhaps that is why he suggested the roof instead. A candelabra and a bit of lace around the piano stool?? Only joking…..mind you, might look quite nice! I am taking my violin with me this weekend…….poor Roy 😉 It is electric so I can plug it into the speakers. Oh my goodness it is going to be fun. Don’t worry anyone out there, I will moor where no other boats are and play to my hearts content.

The weather has gone bitterly cold today and there was thick fog coming home from work. I am hoping I will be able to take some good photos this weekend. Chance of snow also. Going to be fun. It is lovely when you have been out for a walk when it is cold and then go back to the warm and cosy boat with the fire lit. It is bliss! Let’s hope we don’t get iced in whilst we are out this weekend. Might not be able to get back to work. Sorry Stefano ( my boss) if you are reading. You will understand when you come over next…..the boat is just too nice to leave.

Sent Roy to Tesco’s tonight……..made sure he gets some large potatoes. I am going to have another go at cooking them in the cabin again when we are travelling. Can’t wait!

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6 Responses to Roy makes me laugh.

  1. Jo says:

    If you were moored near us and playing your violin, we may just have to come along with our chairs and a couple of beers, or a bottle of wine and come and listen ;0).
    Good luck with the potatoes. I adore my back cabin stove and cook on it all the time in the Winter.
    Have a lovely weekend, no matter what the weather does.

  2. I think alcohol may be required if you heard me on the violin! I am not that bad but I am no Vanessa Mae!! Got my potatoes ready for tomorrow. They tasted so nice last time. Let me know what kind of things I can cook on there as I might give them a go. Thanks Jo xx

    • Jo says:

      You can cook anything in or on a back cabin stove. I make stews, casseroles, curries, I did a duck (not from the canal) and it was amazing as was the joint of lamb I cooked a few weeks ago. I wrapped the whole joint in foil and left it to slow cook in its own juices it fell apart when cooked. I love to slow cook Gammon in the oven in Coke Cola, I usually cook it over night, the only down side to that is you can smell it cooking all night if you sleep in the back cabin as we do. Baking cakes is a little hit and miss because of the temperature being so up and down. Dumplings in stews do cook well though. You can pretty much cook anything in or on a back cabin stove. So have fun with it xx

      • I will give it a try. We haven’t quite got the stove continuously going at the moment without it being unsupervised. I had to leave one of the grates off at the top, not sure what they are called, cause as soon as I closed the grate down it went off. Trial and error I guess?

  3. Jo says:

    What stove is it?
    We have a traditional classic back cabin stove with oven. They do take some getting used too.

    • I think it is the same kind of stove you have. Just takes a bit of time to get going, but we have used the other valve we found which seems to do the trick now it is attached properly! It was hanging off! You will have to give me some tips and recipes xx

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