For Rachel & Iain

At Least Its WarmHad such a good laugh with my work colleagues today (Rachel & Iain) that I promised them another laugh later, so here it is…..

Went a bought myself  a wooly hat as the weather is getting cold. I asked Roy how I looked in it and he answered very tactfully……”warm”. Good answer!

Made it out of the marina in plenty of time and moored up before it went dark. The fire is roaring away…….almost more because Roy accidently ( dosily, if that is a real word) chucked the coal in the fire along with the gas firelighter……he got it out just in time before anything serious happened. It has melted though!

Warm As ToastWish is all snuggled up on her bed fast asleep next to me and Roy is just getting the pictures ready to put on tonight’s post. No more work for a few days and it is so good we have managed to get a longer weekend together.

I will soon be getting tea ready and then settling down to read my book. Roy has also bought the next issue of Waterways World which I love looking at, mainly because I am looking to see if I can find a good colour scheme for when Foxglove is repainted. At Te moment we are keeping the colours the same because I just can’t find anything else I like because I want it to look Traditional still. Only 3.5 months till the repaint begins……I am doing my countdown thing again!

Would like to say Happy Birthday Happy_Birthday!to my good friend Davide who has gone back to live in Italy. I have worn those long socks you gave to Roy…..very sexy!! (Not) Hope you are having a great Birthday xxxxxxxxxxxx Davide actually gave a really nice comment the other week saying we should not  change the colour of Foxglove as it would change her soul. I think he is right 🙂

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2 Responses to For Rachel & Iain

  1. davide says:

    I know that I’m a little bit late, but many thanks for your whishes.You are always very kind.:-)

    • Hi Davide, so good to hear from you. Hope you have had a great holiday. Good luck with your new job on Monday. You will be fantastic. Missing you lots. Lots of love to you both xxxx

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