Playing in the stream

Ready For WalkiesFoxglove 2Decided to take Wish for a long walk this morning as it was dry outside and even though it was cold we were well prepared as we now have the wooly hats, much to Roy’s amusement. We moored near to another 2 boats last night. Little did I know till I walked passed it that it was another boat called Foxglove. We actually went past this boat last weekend near to Great Haywood.

Very cold this morning and very windy but we were all wrapped up warm and it was great. Lots of photos taken, unfortunately some of them didn’t turn out, not quite sure what I did wrong but Roy said they were over exposed. I think I caught the flash button when taking some of the photos. It was a shame because there were some stunning views this morning.

Bathtime There was a little stream on the way back that I decided would be a good place for Wish to clean some of the mud off her before heading back to the boat. She needed a bit of encouragement so as I was prepared I thought I would help her. I don’t know who was more funny……me or her? It was good fun watching her though.

SpringSaw the first signs of Spring today as Daffodils were already coming through. Where is the snow they predicted? Lots of spring bulbs everywhere popping up.

burston mooringWe could see our boat in the distance on the way back. I really do like the boat. I don’t think we will be changing the colour scheme. When I look at her I do think what a lovely looking boat. Can’t wait to polish it when the new paint job has been doing. I used to love polishing our other boat.


Clare LousieTalking about our other boat, when we got back to Foxglove after our walk I received a text from Emma & Nick who bought our last boat from us, Marpessa 2. I couldn’t believe the picture they sent us. It was of our first boat “Clare-Louise”. Still looks just as nice in the photo as it did when we sold her. I thought they were going to change the name, but after 2 years they have still kept it. It was great to see it again, even if only in a photo.

Emma & Nick are heading there way back to Aston Marina for a couple of days. It will be great to catch up with them again although we still follow their blog daily, so we already kind of know what they have been doing. The last time we saw them Foxglove had just arrived back at the marina in its sorry state. I am sure Emma & Nick wondered what on earth had we done as Marpessa 2 was a lovely boat. It will be nice to see the changes they have done to their boat also.

Just cooked beef stroganoff for tea and I am already ready for bed. It has been a good day today. Read lots of my book which I never normally get chance to do whilst Roy was in the engine room. He has been polishing the engine up. It has come up lovely. I will take some photos tomorrow as it is too dark now and it would be better in the natural light. So much nicer out on the canals than in the marina. We even watched a film this afternoon, “Dark Shadows” starring Johnny Depp. It was good and it didn’t matter how loud we had the sound turned up as there is no one around.

Got the dishwasher running at the moment and Roy has got the generator going. First time the generator has been used properly. All good so far……touch wood!

Forgot to bring my violin with me……think Roy is pleased about that. I will make sure I put it on my list for next weekend! Also forgot to bring my ingredients to make those bread rolls I was planning on baking. Oh well…..there is always next weekend. Today has gone so fast but it has been a good day.

We have been looking for alternative moorings but can’t find anything suitable at the moment. We just don’t want to be stuck in a marina if we are planning to live on the boat full-time. We need to find somewhere that we still have parking for our cars if we are to continue with work and also not too far away from work and also somewhere suitable for Wish. I really like these places that you see at the side of canals where they have there own little plot of land…….that would be ideal if we are to continue with work. We will have to wait and see. We are still deciding what is going to be the best for us. Time will tell.

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