And They Called It Puppy Love!

Yet another title to a song but after today it was more than appropriate. First of all though I will start at the beginning….

Cold StartFrosty start to the day. The canal had completely iced over but everywhere looked beautiful. Took a few photos from inside the boat and one bonus was the tow paths had frozen over, excellent, far better for walking on especially with a dog.

Boys ToysHad a look at the engine with Roy that he had lovingly
polished yesterday. It is starting to look lovely.

Received a text from friends Angus & Janet who were going to meet us along the canal so off we set to meet them. This is where the fun began!

Angus & Janet had brought Frank with them, their collie dog. Wish met him for the first time properly last weekend…..Wish just showed Frank all her teeth, and no she was not smiling. MIMG_0201ost people who know Wish will also know she doesn’t really get along with other dogs……well today she proved us wrong. After an initial growl before long both dogs were running along the canal together. It was lovely to see them both playing together.

Puppy LoveWe all walked back to the boat for a much needed cup of tea and we decided we would all take the boat back to Aston Marina. I was really worried how Wish & Frank would be on the boat together…….started off with a little disaster as Frank decided to show Wish his acrobatics by jumping straight off the boat, missing the tow path and falling into the canal. We were all in a panic. Luckily 2 passers by pulled Frank out of the canal whilst Roy moored back up. With Frank safely back on board we started to make our way back. The dogs were so well behaved I could not believe my eyes. The photos say it all.

I made us all Jacket potatoes with chilli con carne, grated cheese and salad which we all ate when we arrived back at the marina. We were all really pleased the dogs had got on so well together and we sat and chatted for ages laughing at the dogs as Wish lay by me and Frank lay by Angus. Wish kept an eye on Frank but both dogs stayed with their owners. We think both dogs are playing hard to get!IMG_0207

Time came to say goodbye to Angus, Janet & Frank. It had been a really lovely afternoon.

We left the marina tonight to find snow everywhere. The marina looked so pretty. Left Roy’s, mine & Wish’s footprints behind on the jettie. Looks like we were the only ones that had been out since it started snowing. I drew Roy a big heart in the snow. He dared me make a snow angel but I resisted…….he knows I will dare do anything!

Back home now and looking back at the pictures and writing this post is a good reminder of what a great weekend we have had.

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2 Responses to And They Called It Puppy Love!

  1. jan and ang says:

    Lovely friends , lovely boat , lovely scenery , lovely day , Frank even slept all night jan and ang x

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