If you are going through hell, keep going!

Thanks Rachel!. Todays saying of the day on our calendar at work is “If you are going through hell keep going”.

We sometimes have a laugh at work over the “Saying of the Day”. Todays is a good one

Must admit though this week is going so quick it is almost weekend. One more day then finally it is weekend. Roy has already been over the boat this week and put some kind of covering around the toilet area to cover the wood. Should be interesting. I know it is sad but I am actually quite excited at looking at what he has done. Pictures were put up last week and all Roy was getting quite brassed off, by that i mean he was putting all his brasses up. Finally got all the oil out of the covers in the boatman’s cabin, so all in all things are still coming together and improvements are still being made. We are trying to ensure everything is finished inside before the work on the outside starts. Still got lots of storage we have not used and we are trying not to fill any space with anything that we don’t really need.

Hopefully we will be on it again this weekend. Weather should be o.k although I have heard it is getting quite cold again. When we are on the boat I do not care as long as the fires are glowing and keeping us warm.

Lots of pictures waiting to be taken this weekend.

Keep Watching!!

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