All aboard….

I ensured I finished work on time today because we planned to go away for the weekend…..well off I went and met Roy at the marina who had got the boat all warmed up, fires lit in the front and back cabin, engine running and ready to cast off with Wish on board. It was quite exciting rushing over to meet him because we literally had 30 minutes left of light to make our way out of the marina and find a mooring spot for the night. Well we made it and it is so peaceful out here at the moment. Wish is fast asleep by the side of me and I don’t think it will be too long before I am asleep. It has been an exhausting week.

We are heading for Wolseley Bridge. The last time we went there was last year with our daughter and her friend. We ended up calling in the garden centre there last time where we let Wish choose her own toy which she carried to the till. All the staff made a big fuss of her. There is also an antique shop over there which is really interesting.

Talking of antiques , Roy has bought me a present tonight. Oh by the way I don’t mean Roy is the antique what I mean is he has bought me an antique. As you know I collect anything to do with hearts, well he has bought me an antique horse brass which has a heart at the bottom of it. It is lovely. Very thoughtful of him. Apparently it is from 1900. Definitely Victorian. It is very worn but the fact it has the heart on it is lovely. Thanks Roy.

It is really cosy on here tonight. The fire is glowing and it is so peaceful except for one sound……

WISH SNORING…..zzzzzzzzzzzZzZZZZzzzzzz

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