A Little Love Nest

 It has been a wonderful trip today down to Wolsley Bridge. A few more boats are out and about but not seen one hire boat. I am sure we will coming up to the Easter Holidays. Saw Haydn & Lynda with little Alfie on the way which was nice. It is great when you see friends on your travels. Gave a little wave to NB Keswick. That is a beautiful boat. We almost put an offer in for that but we were still due to visit Foxglove on the following day. Keswick is the same colour as NB Hadar. Both are gorgeous boats.

image  image

Well there was one particular reason we ventured this far and it is because we thought we would try that Indian restaurant/ takeaway, Shimla Palace. Roy has had the works, chicken tikka masala, pilau rice, popadoms and naan bread! Now this is what I would normally have but I am being very strict with myself on this diet so I had vegetable pilau rice and some left over chicken that I cooked last night. I was so full after a few mouth fulls that I have had to leave it. Roy’s looked far more appetising than mine though but I have promised myself that I have to be good. Started selling a few things from home this week and we have also brought some of our favourite pictures to the boat. Roy is in process of putting some of them up. We have got Glenn Miller playing in the background and I must say the boat feels like a proper little love nest. It feels so homely now, I just love it. We have found someone to rent the house out but there is still so much to sort out. Not quite sure where to start. Excited, nervous, worried are all the emotions that I keep going through including lots of doubts still. We have one life though and it is about time we started living it. Life is too short and it is getting shorter by the day. Time to start making the most of each day.

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