Hot Stuff!!

We finally got the back cabin stove up and running and oh my goodness what a difference. There was so much ash in the bottom of it caused from one of those pressed fire logs that it had clogged everything up. The chimney has been smoking so much it was what you could say, ” a little distracting” to say the least. That isn’t the phrase I used to tell Roy when I was trying to steer the boat. Anyway, problem solved! The trip back from Wolsley Bridge was fantastic. Little snow flurries coming down but standing at the back of the boat with the doors closed behind me while at the tiller, no one would ever known it was like a winter’s day. The heat coming from the fire was amazing…… fact it got so hot, the speed wheel got too hot to touch and I had to put my gloves on………then my leg and bum on one side started to burn………I think we put too much kindling in and the fire was roaring away, no smoke, but lots and lots of heat. We soon got the hang of controlling the temperature a bit better and eventually it was perfect, it was heaven. Roy steered for a bit, then I did. Inside the cabin was so cosy. I sat with Wish looking out of the little porthole window watching the world go by. It was so relaxing and everywhere looked so picturesque.

One of the funniest things I saw this weekend was a couple of dogs, both on separate occasions, at the river by Shugborough Hall. Their owners threw a stick into the river and the dogs took one almighty leap, looked liked a flying dog, then landed with a belly flop in the water. They seemed to love it as they kept doing it over and over again. All I could think of after was wet smelly dogs! One of them was a border collie, looked just like Wish. imagine taking that back to the boat?? No thankyou!! Wish fell in the marina once when she fell off the edge of the jettie trying to rush past the jettie gates……the next day was a trip to the dog groomers.

This weekend was great. Roy had bought some planters for me for the mooring spot at the marina. He bought them as a present from Wish for Mothers Day. It was a lovely surprise.

Didn’t get chance to blog last night as we didn’t get home until really late as we sat watching a film on the boat called “Pitch Perfect.” Recommend it to anyone who appreciates music. We also watched Breaking Dawn part 2 of the Twilight Saga on Saturday. Excellent films. It has been very relaxing this weekend. Just what the doctor ordered!

No ideas yet what we have planned for next weekend. Lots to sort out with the house, that I do know. There are also a few more jobs to do on Foxglove before for the re-paint which have to be done. Thank goodness we have Rob Shone on hand to help out. He has been great.

Hi Jo, if you are reading (Hadar NB). For some reason I can’t leave a comment when I try using the word press account so unfortunately I have had to write on here hoping you will read this. I just wanted to let you know I read your blog every day. You really inspire me and I admire both of you. Love the little teddy bear by the way. Hadie would be a good name, short for Hadar. Anyone else who is reading please take a look at Jo’s website www.diaryofaboatwoman  You will find excellent photos also that Jo has taken.

So many people out there living their dream. Hopefully we will be soon.


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