Best Wishes?

imageThe best wish is my Wish ( my border collie). She was 5 years old on Sunday. We have only had her though for almost 2 years as most of you will know. Someone saw her the other day and could not believe she was this old as she still has that cute puppy face. She is adorable and really is one of the family. She is like my shadow as she follows me everywhere. She is so intelligent and understands everything I say to her. She s quite amazing. She doesn’t do as she is told for Roy all the time but she does for me. Told you she was clever! I never quite understood how people could love their dogs so much until I had Wish. I think because she is so loving and is always there for you unconditionally she is just so rewarding and a joy to have.

Best Wishes to Wish ( Wishy Woo). XxxxxxX

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