Too many titles!

Well I have got so many titles for tonight’s blog I just did not know which one to pick so I chose all of them, but I will keep it brief ( well as brief as possible) đŸ˜‰

Friday Night Rush Hour :

That is what it was tonight. Finished work, drove very carefully and kept to the speed limit (not) and made my way to the boat, untied the ropes and off we went for the weekend.

Decisions decisions:

Took us ages to make a decision about whether we should turn right or left as we left the marina. Finally decided to take a right turn up into Stone for a change ( regretting that decision now) . We have always headed towards Sandon where there is peace and tranquility!! Peace and quiet!! Calm and stress free!! I will explain why I am shouting in a while. All will become clear!!

Comment of the day:

“And you have bow thrusters!”…… Was a comment given to me tonight as I accidentally bumped into someone’s boat. I did apologise when he came out of his boat and stuck his head up. It was a tiny little nudge and I did my best to avoid his boat as the turning was very narrow and of course after I nudged it I gave a little flick on the bow thruster to get me out of the situation and of course this is when the “gentleman” popped his head up with his clever comment.

The fun of the fair:

Guess where we have moored tonight? You probably guessed right……..we are literally moored up right outside a fairground. Literally 10 seconds walk! I think Roy was like a moth……he was drew to it by the bright lights!

Getting old:

I think I must be getting old because all I can hear is music that sounds like 1000 drums beating in the back ground. The music is so loud at this fair I can feel the vibrations sitting in the boat. Just heard a bit of Kylie, that wasn’t too bad, something that sounded like chipmunks or someone singing on helium, bit of One Direction( actually quite them) but the rest of it sounds like angry people just shouting. Got to admit though it is quite funny where we have moored but it was the only place left (I am not surprised) as it was dark and we needed to moor up.

Ending on a bit of good news:

The diet has gone well this week. I have lost 3.6lbs this week. Total loss of 6.6lbs in 2 weeks! Very pleased đŸ™‚

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