Tis the Season to be jolly…..fa la la la la, la la, la la

How many of you have just sung the title?? Go on admit it. Anyway, it is not Christmas but it is the season that all the hire boats are now out. We moored up at Stone on Friday and at Sandon on Saturday/Sunday…..there were tons of boats out. Hire boats and private ones. It was the equivalent of the M6. I do wish the hire boaters would learn to slow down though. One particular boat must have had at least 10 men on board, drinking, laughing, NOT CONCENTRATING, and of course they go past you at like 5 miles an hour!! Anyway, it was great to see all the different boats out and about all weekend.

Funniest thing happened on the way back………..Angus heard me coming along the canal and no words were necessary………He had got 2 sticks in his hand waving them as if we were landing on a run away, next thing I gave him a sign with my hands and he did the same with the sticks……..no no no, not what you all are thinking, it was the sign of the letter T. Cup of tea……we both had the same thought. It was nice to have a  catch up with him as he his making great progress with his boat.

It has been a really good weekend and we seem to have done and achieved lots. I even cooked the vegetable biryani. It was delicious. It must have been as Roy ate it all!See sometimes miracles do happen 🙂


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