And its supposed to be Spring??

Well when I opened the curtains this morning what a shock. Around 6 inches of snow everywhere. We are now officially in Spring, supposedly. The weather does not know what it is doing. Our plans have gone out the window for this weekend as there are also supposed to be 45 mile an hour winds so I am afraid Foxglove is having a weekend off.

Still lots to do on the boat though. I have ordered new throws for the 2 chairs in the lounge, tablecloth for the dining table and Roy has ordered a set of Vintage (another word for second-hand/old) Red velvet curtains. I told him I am going to order him a waistcoat and a cap so he looks the part to go with the plates, brasses and curtains! He had been very enthusiastic with this boatman’s cabin and he really has made it homely, I do have to admit, but don’t tell him that.

4 weeks to go until Foxglove sets off for her new coat of paint. I cannot believe how quick it has gone. The plan is still to move in on the boat come beginning of June. There is everything you could need on the boat without the clutter. I am looking forward to a more simpler life, oh and less cleaning!!

Almost forgot, weight loss update: 2.6 lbs loss this week. Total of 9.2 lbs in 3 weeks 🙂

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