Picture perfect

Promised the Italian Stallion ( hi Davide) lots of photos from this weekend so here goes:

Tigger has been reincarnated!


King came to visit.

King Angus

Everything becomes miniature


The “vintage” curtains!!

Red Curtain

A step back in time….

Back Cabin   cabin2

Table 4photo

We were both very busy all weekend doing one job then another, trips to B & Q oh and to Trentham Gardens where we got some beautiful pictures. The boat looks so homely inside now it really does look beautiful. One month to go now before the outside of Foxglove will also look beautiful.

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4 Responses to Picture perfect

  1. Jo says:

    Job well done, it looks beautiful. I am about to make my Summer curtains for the back cabin. But that will only happen once the blacking and painting is done LOL. Bet your excited about the repaint??

    • Hi Jo I have been following your blog. You have been busy with your boat by the looks of things. It’s a shame the weather wasn’t a bit warmer. No fun painting especially when it is this cold. Roy completely painted every inch of our first boat, then on Marpessa we did the roof, back side panels and had the name re-painted and all the hand rails. It was a nightmare but rewarding when we had finished. I wasn’t working at the time so it was a lot easier but now we are both working full time we just haven’t got the time to re paint Foxglove. It will take 4 people 4 complete weeks, I think we would never get it done if it was just Roy and myself painting it as we only get weekends and it is very weather dependant unless we were to put it in dry dock which would cost a fortune. I am leaving the experts to it this time. Can’t wait to see the finished result. Xx

  2. Davide says:

    I really love the red curtains and the lace all around.
    I have to find something like that for my car!
    Many thanks Clare for the pictures.

    • Hi Davide, glad you liked the photos. Sorry I was late posting them. I think Roy did a good job. It looks very traditional. Will be taking more piccy’s this weekend as we will be away with it being Easter. Happy Easter to you and Claudia xxxx

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