Ready for my close up

So much to write about but so little time, so I will try to keep each part brief.

Roy has been over to the boat tonight to take some close up pictures of the boat ready for the weekend as we are going over to meet with Sally Tooze who will be taking on the job of repainting Foxglove. I am very excited and very nervous about it at the same time. So many decisions to make, especially the colour scheme that I just do not want to get any of it wrong. From a distance Foxglove doesn’t look that bad. In fact this last few weekends I quite like her the way she is as she looks like a traditional, solid narrowboat, rugged almost for a better word if that makes any sense. It is only when you look close up that you realise how much she really does need the repaint. Here are some photos taken earlier tonight:

IMG_0385 IMG_0379 IMG_0384 IMG_0386

I am sure Sally will bring Foxglove back to life. As I previsouly mentioned we are going over to meet her this weekend to discuss everything that needs doing, colours etc etc. Then in 2 weeks we will be making our way by boat for Sally to start the work. EXCITING!!

AIMG_0275nother close up to be taken was of Wish. I think it is the cutest photo of her that has been taken. Roy was very lucky to catch her giving one of her cute looks. Good job you cannot see her feet though because she was filthy after all the long walks we had been on. What a fantastic weekend we had though. Didn’t get chance to blog because every night we moored up we did not have a signal.

We arrived on the boat Thursday night late and set off first thing Friday morning and got back home at 10.30pm on Monday. We did not want to leave as we had both had such a great time. The weather had been fabulous. We were very lucky especially after the previous weekend with all the snow. We went as far as Kings Bromley marina where Wish made friends, believe it or not with another collie dog, Bingo. They had a ball to play with which kept them both amused for at least 30 minutes whilst Roy & I were talking to the owner of Bingo. Never got to know his name. I always find this quite funny because you can guarantee you will always find out and remember dogs names but never their owners.

IMG_0268We did have a great Easter weekend though. No weigh in last week as we were away on Friday morning but I have to admit I have been extremely naughty today. Went to work with all good intentions, just a tin of chicken soup………anyway I ended up eating 3 snowball marshmallows, 1 cherry bakewell and a packet of crisps……..oops!! Oh and I must confess I had fish and chips tonight but left most of them cause I felt to sick to eat anything else. Teeny weeny blip today………..annoyed with myself though for not sticking to it as I was doing really well. Blame it on my hormones!!


I have missed blogging as each day we did so much, walked and walked, did lots of cooking including yet another vegetable biryani. Roy is actually getting to like vegetables. See sometimes miracles do happen.

Already been back at work 2 days and it seems like the weekend was weeks ago because I have been so busy. Never mind, I have 12 more work days until I am off for a week. Cannot wait. This is the week where we will be taking Foxglove to be painted. I cannot believe how quick time has gone.
I was supposed to keep this brief but you know me once I get talking I cannot shut up.


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