1 month gone.

Can you believe it that one month has already passed since we got Foxglove back…… You know what that means don’t you??? Oh yes…. Can’t wait…… I can now wax it!! I love doing this, I find it quite relaxing. We had to wait one month for the paint to harden so I know what I will be busy doing this weekend. Lets hope the weather is better.

Had the first house viewers come over tonight which is good since the house only went on the Internet on Saturday.  I will really miss the house when it finally goes as we have lived here for 11 years now. However new memories and new adventures are already happening and I love living on Foxglove. Lets hope everything works out for the best .

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1 Response to 1 month gone.

  1. Christine Woolford says:

    Oh wow Clare people to look already!
    I bet you will enjoy polishing, I can’t say it does it for me though!
    I would love to have a chat if you contact me by email.
    I will let you have my number.
    It sounds as though you are already spending more time on Foxglove?
    I am sure everything will work out for the best.
    Hope you sort the washing machine 🙂
    Christine xx

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