Victoria & Albert ?

Yet it is a while since I last wrote but there has been a lot happening, nothing of which I want to bore any of you with, however, me being me, here is a quick run down:

House went up for sale

Had 4 lots of viewers week one.

4th viewer put an offer in , we accepted. ( Yeah!!)

3 days later after keeping us in the dark, the buyer pulled out! Time waster!! ( IDIOT!!)

Had more viewers Week 2.

More viewers week 3…….all need to sell their own house (Frustrating)

Going into week 4, 2 more couples want the house and both want to put an offer in but have not sold theirs yet. (Even more frustrating)

Just waiting, waiting……(Patience is not by best quality!!)

In the meantime…….you might be wondering who is Victoria &  Albert. Well they are the tiles that we have just picked out for Foxglove as the kitchen needs a bit of a re-vamp. ( So excited!!)

Hyde Park TilesOff we went to Hyde park Tiles. Very fitting as it is right by the canal.

As normal I made a total embarrassment out of myself by chatting with a very nice helpful man called Anthony! He is the director of Hyde Park Tiles. Hi Anthony if you are reading 🙂

As promisedAnthony

……..this is Anthony.

Please don’t ask what I said to him to get him to smile for the camera !! (Began with S and ended in X and no it wasn’t SOX)

We narrowed………..get that…….narrowed……narrowboat…………..yeah, not funny, I know, anyway, we narrowed it down to 2 different sort of tiles. It was all down to Anthony……….I asked which would he go for…….Something more subdued or something quite striking……..”the Wow Factor” is the expression he used. That was the answer…………..the one with the WOW factor won.

TilesMeet Victoria & Albert (the tiles)

Some of you might be saying……….OMG, what on earth, others might say………WOW!!!! I agree with all the WOW people. You have taste all you WOW people out there.

I am excited about having the kitchen re-tiled as it is the only place on the boat that doesn’t feel quite mine. All the granite and the cupboards are going to be polished up back to new but the old tiles………..they will be gone, disappeared………..into tile heaven, well hell actually because they were revolting!!

Anyway, hopefully I will get back to the blogging (writing). Just been far too busy with work, then after work showing potential buyers around the house……..the last few weeks have been hectic. That is one word…..nightmare is another I could have used.

Positive things to look forward to……..All down to Rob Shone now who will be fitting the tiles. No pressure Rob! He is a perfectionist……just the man for the job!

More before and after pictures will be coming soon. Exciting times again 🙂


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4 Responses to Victoria & Albert ?

  1. Jo says:

    OMG and Wow is my reply. OMG I love them and WOW they will look fabulous. xxx

    • Hi Jo,
      I am hoping they will look fabulous. Al down to Rob now who is going to fit them. It is the only place on the boat that feels a bit drab and not quite my own where as everywhere else on the boat I have been able to put my personal touch on it.
      Even though I haven’t been writing I have still been reading your blog. Keeps me in the hope that it will be me one day. Just need the house to sell!!
      Hope Keith’s back is better.
      love to you both

  2. Christine Woolford says:

    Hi Clare
    Good to see your blogs wondered what had happened! So sorry to hear about buyer pulling out, selling the house is a nightmare but keep you chin up the right person will appear!
    Poor you falling over, yes boating can be dangerous I tripped on a cobble having stepped carefully off a lock and have had a very sore medial cartilage in my knee for weeks!
    Hope your bruising recovers soon.
    Hugs Christine xxx

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