Home :-)

This was yesterdays blog, but only managed to upload the photos today. Didn’t want to confuse people as it has rained here for most of the day. Yesterday was totally different 🙂

The boat really feels like home now. The kitchen is finally finished and it has made a total transformation to the feel of the boat. It has a very cosy and warm feeling and really does feel homely.

kitchenIt is 1 week now since I have started living on the boat and I feel more relaxed now than I have done for a long , long time. I have no regrets and no doubts that this is where I want to be. Everything is just simplified. I am enjoying cooking, baking and actually eating properly again because I now have the time for me again.

Enjoyed the sun today and sat out on the front of the boat with my book.
I feel very lucky 🙂

Beautiful sunset tonight. How lovely to see sights like this every evening.

sunsetThe marina are getting ready for their open weekend this Saturday & Sunday. We are really looking forward to sharing it with them as this will be the last the marina will hold.
We also get to view the new Brigantine tomorrow which is a wide beam boat in the style of a dutch barge. It looks beautiful from the outside so I am looking forward to seeing it inside.
Heard the weather is going to change tomorrow……10 degrees cooler and rain apparently. I hope it clears up for the open weekend especially after all the effort the marina have put in. Either way we shall certainly make the most of it.

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4 Responses to Home :-)

  1. Elly says:

    Ooohhh… Lovely kitchen tiles! I must have missed the blog entry about you moving to Mercia. I thought you were out cruising and visiting there. Perhaps we will be out that way before we sell the boat in May. We would love to see your boat, it looks gorgeous!
    Enjoy the new life,

  2. Wendy Lucie Pearson says:

    Hi. Just a hello! Thomas, Lucy and I waved you goodbye from the Overwater Marina bridge on launch day. Thought we would have a look to see if we could spot the photos, but sadly no! hope all going well and life on the cut is a wonderful one.Love from all on Katharine. Wendy P.

    • Hi Wendy, lovely to hear from you. The photo was posted on the blog June 9th. I have sent you the link via e mail. We are loving it on the boat. It is everything and more we hoped it would be. Hope we meet each other one day on the waterways. Love to all, Clare xxx

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