Memory Foam??

Now try not to laugh when I tell you this but I am not referring to any mattress, cushioning, pillows or anything like that but these are the 2 words that Roy described my cake like………..yes today I finally made my first ever Pineapple Upside Down Cake…….Roy said it had the texture of “memory foam”!! Cheeky!! imageHe ate the piece I gave to him though. I have to admit it was horrible. Took me about 15 minutes to put it together, 15 minutes to bake it, got it out the oven, turned it the right way, it was still like a foamy mixture, turned it back upside down, back in the oven for another 10 minutes and hey presto……1 memory foam cake with pineapples and cherries on!!I can cross baking cakes off the list of businesses I would ever want to run, ” should” I ever decide to go back to work. That will not be happening yet……work that is!


We actually managed to set off reasonably early this morning, 9.30 am to be precise, but we did both have showers and I had to dry my hair off also as there was a bit of chill in the air this morning.


It has stayed dry all day today and the sun even put in an appearance this afternoon. We managed to get to Shardlow lock where I went through it turned it around and back in the lock to join another boat……..Roy said he was very impressed how I turned the boat round so quickly……..have to admit so was I but I acted very cool about it like it was nothing but inside I was doing another one of my yes, yes yes, moments!!

Saw the Parrot brothers on our travels. They each have their own boat and one of them was similar colours to ours. Gave them both a wave……..I could see if they are still there tomorrow and offer them some of my cake……..yummy!!IMG_1087






One man and his dog were having fun today with a ball. The dog kept jumping in the canal after the ball. The dog was really enjoying himself.IMG_1072

Roy has been busy polishing up the inside of the portholes today with brushing wax. We almost replaced most of them as we didn’t think they would come up very nice but they have come up like new. Well done Roy 🙂

imageToday has been great and we are shortly going to settle down to a film as I have just heard it doesn’t look like there is a good TV reception where we are……..No X factor tonight then! He has been fiddling with the aerial for a while and it has now gone dark so looks like a film/dvd is on the agenda. My choice tonight though if we are going to be watching a film………had to suffer Star Trek last night (actually it was quite good but don’t tell Roy that) so my turn to tonight. Might choose Bridget Jones just to see his expression on his face 😉 Oh even better, I could get the “How to do Cross Stitch” DVD out……now that would be funny!

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