Laptops, i-pads, i-phones, cameras etc etc…….we all use them nowadays. In fact I take photos on my camera, upload them to the laptop then I do my blogging ……..however, no photos, no blogging fora few days because the batteries on the laptop have gone flat……not necessarily a problem unless your husband has left the charger at the office which is an hours journey away! So unfortunately all the rest of the photos that I had taken whilst we have been away are sitting waiting on the camera ready to be uploaded. So with just an i-pad to hand I am typing away on tiny screen………annoying is one word that comes to mind đŸ˜‰

Well Roy ate all the pineapple upside down cake. He said all joking apart he thought it was really nice. He is still alive and kicking so it must have been ok. I put cinnamon in it and I didn’t really like the taste of it but I am not defeated I am going to try another one but slightly different ingredients. I have my little guinea pig on board to try them out (Roy)!

Woke up this morning and there was thick frost on the jetties, so much so you could scrape it up and it looked just like snow. The sun is shining though again today and I have just been out with Wish and it is actually really warm in the sun. The boat is still cosy and warm , even had the side hatches open yesterday because the sun was out, probably do the same today.

All boat work done for today so I have the rest of today to myself. Hoping to get stuck into my cross stitch today but I might read a bit more of my book. It is called “The Voyage of Princess Matilda”, by Shane Spall, the wife of actor Timothy Spall. It is the story of Shane & Timothy Spall and their Dutch barge The Princess Matilda. After a summer on the Thames they head out to sea with only a road atlas and a vast amount of ignorance- and it is absolutely terrifying!

Roy has already read it and he enjoyed it so I will let you know my thoughts when I have finished.

The kettle is whistling away so my morning coffee awaits! đŸ™‚


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