Inspired and motivated

Oh my goodness, checked my blog this morning to find a new follower on there who also has a blog going. Hi Lewis & Pav if you are reading. Had to say something as not only did they leave me a lovely comment but just take a look at their website, as long as you come back look at mine;-)

I got reading it this morning and was hooked and I was amazed by all the baking that they do and wine making on board their boat. They wrote back to say they have another website:

Sometimes things happen for a reason and today I am so glad that these guys got in contact because it has given me a bit of inspiration and motivation to get some baking done. Definitely got to try the bread, basic white Boule. It looks gorgeous. It takes you through everything step by step which is great when you are new to some recipes.

Roy will not know what has hit him. We have got the second half of the cottage pie tonight for tea with savoy cabbage again. I can’t wait as I really enjoyed it. I was so pleased with myself because it went really well and tasted good but more importantly I am really enjoying making these new recipes.

The cross stitch just isn’t getting done because I am reading lots, not just books but looking at different recipes etc., oh and also following other blogs. Where we are moving to next week I will be more on my own during the day as there will be no neighbours about so I am glad that I have an interest that can keep me busy otherwise I could get quite bored. This time next week we will have left Mercia on the way to our new home but I will be back as I have made some nice friends here. I best start making a list of recipes I am going to try out. The first thing I will make is the bread, this is one thing that I am always running out of and I have not yet used the freezer on Foxglove yet as I have been buying everything fresh but a freezer would be useful for extra bread, ice cubes (oh my goodness I love ice cubes, I can just eat them and eat them), ice creams, frozen veg and chips! You see I have been making my own chips/wedges, used veg from fresh, managed without icecream (much to Roy’s dismay) and just kept nipping to the shops when I need bread so I have managed perfectly well, just ice cubes I have had to do without. I think if I switched the freezer on though I would cook extra portions so that I could freeze it because sometime these recipes can take 2-3 hours to make. Would be great to make extra for another day.

Goodness just think, I could make my own icecream, then freeze it, bake my own bread, then freeze it, make cakes, then freeze them…………oh my goodness I am going to get even fatter!!! My head goes in over drive when I think of things like this……….just think I could start selling icecream from the boat or even homemade bread……..gosh the possibilities!!

I can hear Roy saying ( even though he is about 30 miles away at the moment) saying calm down, calm down, one thing at a time……….yes dear!!!

There is one thing I don’t lack and that is enthusiasm!

Anyway, back to the real world for a second……..we are going to see Doctor Who at the cinema tomorrow night………….next subject!!! Only kidding Roy, but yes I will be dragged kicking and screaming tomorrow night to go and watch the anniversary of the Doctor Who something or another tomorrow which Roy is really excited about………me on the other hand is not quite so enthusiastic……..I am sure I will love it. I have warned Roy I am going dressed as a Dalek! He thinks I am joking………we will see……….now where’s that plunger 😉

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday……….car boot to be done. This will be all the items that need to go from the house that we have not parted with yet. Everything has to go………I am not coming back with anything……..if it doesn’t sell on Sunday then everything else will be taken to a charity shop first thing Monday morning. We will have to be up in the middle of the night….yes at least 5.30 am as the car boot is near Nottingham and it starts at 7am!!!!!

7am!!!!! Oh goodness!!!! I am normally in the land of nod still. I know what we will be doing Sunday afternoon………..Sleeping ZzzzZZZzzzzzZZZZZ!!!

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5 Responses to Inspired and motivated

  1. Lewis says:

    Hi! Thanks for your comments about the website – glad it gives you a bit of motivation to try some stuff yourself – definitely let me know how you get on with the bread! Looks like you’re heading even further away from us then 😦 would have been good to meet up if you were closer!

    • Hi Lewis,
      I would love to come meet you both one day. I take it you know Rob Shone? He did lots of work for us on Foxglove. He is a fantastic joiner. We actually are moving closer to you. We would only be 3 or 4 days away from you. Think you have a lovely spot where you are moored. We are after something similar but can’t find anywhere suitable. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Totally hooked! Xx

  2. rob says:

    hi clare
    ive completed lots of joinery for lewis and pav and just changed the glass from there bow doors that was unchangeable they will tell you more, 2 great lads fully committed to there life afloat
    regards rob

    • Hi Rob,
      When I was reading their blog I saw they kept mentioning a joiner called Rob and I did wonder if it was you. You did an excellent job as always! I am hooked on their blog. Hope you are o.k. We are loving it on the boat. Wish we had done it years ago. Xx

  3. Lewis says:

    Hi rob – don’t be modest, you’ve done more than change our glass in doors recently – you’ve transformed the boat – don’t know where we’d have been without your work! Still living in a fAncy shed I suppose!

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