Time & Space

Roy has come up with the title for this weekends blog as it is fitting for each day.

Where do I begin. Fitted so much in this weekend I am exhausted but the main events were going to see Doctor Who 50th Anniversary at the cinema last night and todays car boot.

Lets start at the beginning…..

Roy was looking forward to watching Doctor Who as it was a special viewing at the cinema to celebrate its 50th Anniversary and it was shown in 3D. Roy grew up with Doctor who as a kid, I mean watching it on TV I don’t mean Doctor Who was his father!! imageThe cinema was packed and I was surprised because all generations were there and some made the effort to dress up ( we didn’t although I did suggest we could go as Daleks by sticking a plunger on our foreheads!) Some people really got into character.image

I have to admit it was actually quite good, mainly because there was such a good atmosphere and everyone clapped at the beginning and at the end of the film which is unusual. It was like going to the theatre. We travelled all the way back to Newcastle-under-Lyme to go see it and it was well worth it. Nice to share in the experience with everyone else.



Caught a fabulous sunset photo on the way there, must squeeze that photo in:image

Well today was the day when all the remaining items we took out of the house had to go, things like DVD’s, pictures, candlesticks, books, handbags, soft toys etc. etc…………lots of clutter. We had paid for 1 months storage when we emptied the house and we were determined that we would not pay for a second month as it is just a waste of money when all the items would do is just sit in there. So today I was determined that everything was going to go and we agreed that whatever didn’t sell would be taken to charity first thing Monday morning……….well what a day.

Up at 5.30……….can’t quite believe I was, but up we got, Wish was walked, quick cup of tea and piece of toast and off we went. Passed the cooling towers on the way, everywhere was so dark, hardly any motorists on the road………after all who gets up at this ridiculous time on a Sunday………only car booters I guess!

By Night
By Night
By day

By day

Well the day was a complete success and I could not believe how busy our stall was. Just one person after another. It opened at 7 am for all the people who had the stalls and 8.30 for the general public. By 9 am I had enough and over half of our stuff had already gone. 3 hours to go I was determined to get rid of everything. Well at 11.45 we had done really well and got a few items still left and a lady called Janet and her friend approached us and asked us how much we would take for the rest of our items as they do regular car boots. £30.00 the lot I said, I think they were shocked, deal done without no further a do and I literally was jumping for joy………everything went…………nothing to take back. We did it!!image




The feeling it gave us was ,I guess liberating, job sorted, no clutter, no more boxes, no stuff just sitting there waiting to be dusted, used or just left there………..everything gone! Fabulous!! The question you will all be asking is how much did we make, well the car boot cost us £12.00 and after we paid for that we made a grand total of………….drum roll please………..£436.00imageimage

I tell you what though, one thing it makes you realise before you go spending again is to think how much it will be when it ends up on a car boot one day………we all work hard to pay for all these nice things we have and that we think we need when actually we don’t………they are just possessions that are of no importance, they might bring us a bit of happiness for a short while but working hard to pay for all these things just is not worth it. I am liking the simpler life and not taking anything for granted anymore. Today was a good lesson. The money we have spent over the years……..we have wasted so much. Not anymore……….it is never too late to learn.

We got back home at 12.30 and then went out for some lunch and I have been asleep this afternoon because I was shattered. It has been a good weekend.

4 days left at the marina then we are due to leave to our next destination. We are all ready for the off as we filled up with diesel yesterday while the weather was dry and calm.

Few weeks left before Christmas and I am so pleased as Roy is taking 3 weeks off so we will be travelling, fingers crossed, as long as we don’t get frozen in. Either way it is going to be nice to have quality time together and we will get to take Wish out for long walks. Just enjoying what is around us, the countryside, the views, the wildlife………they say the best things in life are free……….they certainly are!

Oh almost forgot, one item did not sell………………………….image

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2 Responses to Time & Space

  1. Lewis says:

    What a poor bugger! He looks genuinely devastated in that picture too!

  2. Lol. Don’t feel sorry for him Lewis, he suggested putting a for sale sign on Wish, the dog! 🙂

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