Yummy Yummy, big fat Tummy!

Today has been a busy day just filled to the brim, just like my stomach is now!!

Dusted, hoovered, cleaned the bathroom, give the kitchen a good clean, washed, dried and ironed………..this would have been a days work at the house……think it took an hour on the boat!! Ha ha! Dog walked, took the rubbish and then the rest of the day was to myself.

I spent ages reading a new blog  http://edwardsnb.blogspot.co.uk/………..every single entry from when they started up until the present day……..thanks Lewis……..feel like I know you already!!

Found out that Lewis & Pav from NB One Thing After Another also had Rob Shone to do some fitting out on their narrowboat. Rob, you did a stunning job if you are reading. We would recommend Rob to do anything on your boat, his woodworking/joinery/cabinet skills are beautiful! Visit his website by clicking on useful links on my blog.

Well after doing all the reading I was really hungry and I had no biscuits, crisps or any nibbles on the boat……….already ate apples so there was only one thing for it………..bake some more flapjacks.image They were even better than first time, I think it was because I did not over do it on the syrup!image

Being the good wife that I am, Roy phoned to say he was on his way home and so I got tea (evening meal) ready for when he got back like a good wife!! ha ha!!

Home made wedges and chilli…….it was delicious!image

Took 45 minutes to make and around 10 minutes to eat……..unbelievable!

I am stuffed now………..especially after eating a couple of pieces of the flapjack afterwards……… big pigs that we are!

Not watched any TV all day which I am glad of as I don’t want to be slobbing out into front of the TV all day watching daytime TV, chat shows etc………I think it would drive me mad. I am planning on reading the rest of my book tonight.

Completely chilled out especially after that glass of red wine, so going to relax now for the rest of the evening.

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