Farewell to Mercia Marina……

A new chapter of our adventure is just about to begin.

I have been slightly apprehensive about moving as a whole lot of new changes have happened these past 3 months:

I quit my job

Moved out the house onto the boat

Started living in a new area, Willington.

Sold the house back in Staffordshire

Made a new life at Mercia Marina on the boat.


I do not regret any of the above as life is so much better. No stresses and I have been making new friends and started to get out a bit more which has done me the world of good.

These past months have been the happiest ever. I have made good friends at the marina and so just as I am starting to get settled and enjoying life we are now moving!!!

I am trying to look at it positively as it will bring new opportunities, new adventures and at least we are travelling on the boat for a few days and hopefully a lot more once Roy has settled down to a proper work routine.

The last couple of days the friends I have made at Mercia have been so very, very kind. Hi everyone if you are reading.image

We were bought some lovely farewell cards and presents which really touched me. Even shed a few tears. We have been bought a box of Milk Tray, a beautiful hanging heart photo frame, a plaque engraved with a personal message and a bottle of wine. Thanks everyone (Cherrie & Frank, Ann & Terry, Julie & Rob, Barbara & Terry) for your kindness and generosity.imageimage

Guess who was up at 5.30 this morning baking a cake!

NOT ME!!image

Thanks Cherrie for the wonderful cake. We have already devoured a third of it!

We will back soon to collect the car and so I will say hi to everyone when we go collect it and visits to our next moorings have already been planned. Can’t wait!


We have travelled a few hours today and are currently moored by Barton Turns.

We had a wonderful trip today, the back cabin stove was on and the weather stayed dry. Perfect cruising weather.

The fires on, Wish is fast asleep and we are going to watch a film……………oh and a cup of tea and the next third of the cake!!

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6 Responses to Farewell to Mercia Marina……

  1. Frank & Cherrie says:

    Sorry you have gone but hope Aston will be just a stepping stone,until you return!!! nice pics looks very empty next door,have a good trip xx

  2. Barbara Wilson says:

    Hey you two…pleased you’ve had a good days cruising but honestly can’t believe you’ve gone. I will miss your cheery smile and your ‘hiya’s’ across the pontoon. And who else is going tell this old lady she’s still trendy!! Lol, you did make me giggle 😊
    Maybe you’ll miss us and come back in time for Christmas. Hope so. Happy boating and much love T&B xxx

    • Hiya Barbara, you just made me laugh about the “trendy” thing. You could make a bin bag look trendy, you always look fab!!! Missing you all already. Just said to Roy shall we go back? Going start crying in a min😢 Big hugs to everyone xxxx

  3. rob shone says:

    hi u2, hope to see u both at aston i am working on the marina will call in for a cuppa , if ok
    dont drift off from here its a very good location
    MERRY FESTIVE FUN , love the lights
    regards rob

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