Blowin’ in the Wind

pic1Well we slept so well last night. It must have been all that fresh air yesterday, oh and the fact we ate all the chocolate cake by the time we went to bed last night!!

Woke up this morning though and the weather wasn’t too bad although as soon as we set off it started to drizzle and then the wind picked up. I came out of one lock and it scared the pants off me because as soon as the wind pushes against the boat it is so hard to control. Same thing happened when going into a lock today and it was the first time I have ever banged the boat so bad!! OOPS!

We knew something had broken by the sound it had made when I hit the lock entrance. It could have been a lot worse what I discovered when I went inside the boat. Lots of items had dropped on the floor but the only thing that had broken was my Yankee candle. It hardly had been used. Wouldn’t have been so bad if there was only a small amount of candle left in it, but it had only been lit a few times. The glass plate and the glass shade that came with it were still in 1 piece thank goodness so I think a trip to the Yankee Candle shop at Trentham Gardens may be in the pipeline 😉

We have not passed 1 other boat travelling today and Fradley Junction had only 1 boat moored up on the visitor’s side. Everywhere looked so deserted.

pic2Lots of leaves on the canal today and I am not surprised with the wind that we have encountered. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunshine all day. As long as there is no wind about I don’t mind.

Completed 10 locks today and we are currently moored just past Kings Bromley marina. No locks tomorrow unless we decide to travel a bit further past Colwich Lock, so I will be cooking a Spag Bol again whilst Roy is driving or cruising whichever you like to call it and no doubt I will be supplying him with endless amounts of cups of tea. Lucky man!!

Wish is a happy little dog at the moment. She has loved being out on the canals again running without her lead on. There is a certain whistle I call to her which she always comes back to and we have great fun with her at the locks cause Roy calls her off the boat, I whistle her back etc etc. She is shattered with all the coming and going especially after 10 locks today.

The fires on again and Wish has the best place, sleeping right in front of it on my best rag rug. It turned out to be the most expensive dog bed ever!! Oh well, she is worth it 🙂

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