When smoke gets in your eyes

I like my song titles as titles for the blog. I was going to put “The sun will come out tomorrow” as it most certainly did but I decided on “when smoke gets in your eyes”. It ought to continue to say, in your ears and up your nose, sinuses, on your chest etc etc. I think Roy is trying to kill me off slowly with all the smoke going on. The fumes from the chimney at the back when travelling can be quite strong and as I was the one going through the locks yesterday I think I inhaled quite a bit. Also Roy kept stoking the fire up in the lounge but kept on opening the door to quick and all the smoke came out………anyway, I ended up with a whopping headache last night………I am sure it is from the fumes and smoke.

TreeAnyway, he greeted me with breakfast in bed this morning which was nice…………although the kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it when I went in there. He made porridge and I love mine with golden syrup swirled around on it. Yummy! He actually made it far nicer than me…….think he ought to start making breakfast everyday if his porridge is that good!!

I made ciabattas toasted with garlic cheese and ham for lunch as we were travelling and supplied Roy with endless amounts of drinks as we were travelling.

There were lots of boats out today, probably because the weather was so nice.

AutumnSaw a few familiar boats on our way today. Hi to NB Pied A Terre! Glad you are enjoying the blog. Last time we saw them was on our way to have Foxglove painted back in April this year. A lot has happened since then.

Can you believe it that it will be the 1st December tomorrow? Where has time gone?

We are hoping that it doesn’t freeze on the canals over Christmas as Roy is taking some time off work and we are hoping to get away on Foxglove somewhere. Might take a visit back to Mercia!! Who knows? All depends on the weather and the stoppages.

We are moored at Great Haywood this afternoon. We have only done the one lock which was at the end of the day so I have spent quite a bit of time inside the boat, cooking, cleaning, taking photos, reading etc etc. Went up to Roy to enjoy the scenery for around an hour but I spent most of it sitting by the side hatch taking photos as we were travelling with cup of coffee in hand. It was very relaxing.

spagWell the famous Spag Bol is bubbling away on the stove as I type. I have added it to my recipes section. It is absolutely gorgeous and there is enough for 2 people for 2 days and they are big portions. Yum, Yum!!

No TV tonight as the signal is rubbish. That means I am going to annoy Roy for the rest of the evening by keep interrupting him whilst he is reading!! Such fun. I do this at night when he takes his book to bed, I don’t mean to, but I just start talking and asking questions, I know it’s time to stop though when after about 10 questions he finally shuts his book to!! I find it hilarious!!

EEryIt is just starting t o go dark and I can hear some strange noises in the forest opposite us. Eery ! Other than the strange noises from wild animals, lions, tigers & bears…..oh and the odd duck, owl and hedgehog (if hedgehogs make a noise) it is very quiet and peaceful. So nice having a different view out of your window each morning when you wake up. Trying to convince Roy to give up work altogether…..he is thinking about it !! At least he has cut work down a bit so we can have more time together. After all that is what life is for……..living!!

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6 Responses to When smoke gets in your eyes

  1. Christine says:

    Hi Clare all sounds wonderful!!
    Anton does breakfast every morning since he retired, sometimes porridge, or it could be egg & bacon or scrambled eggs! such choices and always lovely and more often than not I am still in bed luxury!! makes up for all the times I organised it.
    Spag bol looks yummy. I have a challenge here as we don’t have an oven but I have a clever set of pans called double skillet that I bought years ago at a boat festival and I use them all the time and can even bake cakes!! I famously baked one whilst camping on the Isles of Scilly ha ha!!
    I will willingly teach you to crochet but it won’t be till next year as Christmas (yes that time of year) is fast approaching it and we probably won’t get to meet up that soon.
    Also we are house sitting for some friends in Kent from early Jan til Easter so it won’t be til after then.
    hugs Christine xx

  2. Christine says:

    ps I love the professional cookery photo!

  3. Gary and Rita Evans says:

    Came across you both at bridge 71, as you entered the lock, just quarter of a mile from Great Haywood). We thought your boat was wonderful, best we have seen on the canal in years – well done. Glad you made it to Stone safely.

    • Hi Gary & Rita,
      Thank you for your lovely comment. We absolutely love her. Best thing we ever did.
      Hope to see you again as we will be taking her out most weekends and we head Gt Haywood quite a lot as we life Tixall Wide.
      Best wishes

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