Final Destination

imageWell we have travelled from Great Haywood today to our final destination. Where you may ask? Well we have come back to our original moorings back at Aston Marina, Stone. One thing we noticed was how pretty the scenery was around here again. Perhaps we took it for granted when we were here last as we were at Aston for 3.5 years  before we had the boat painted back in April this year. It feels great to be back.


Roy’s business is based in Stoke-on Trent so for the time being it made more sense to use Aston Marina as a base. We know the canals really well around here so we now have the opportunity to travel from town to town with boat and leave a vehicle from one destination to the next and Roy will still be able to get to work.

Had a wonderful trip again today down here and the sun shone all the way.

imageWe are all settled, water filled, electric card in, rubbish emptied, poop emptied, Roy even washed the jetty off cause I think a duck had found its toilet on our jetty. That duck will have to go and do its business somewhere else now! The only thing we haven’t managed to get sorted is the TV aerial! That means Roy & I are going to have to talk to one another again tonight!! Ha ha, only joking. Missing X factor though……….Oh no!!! Only one thing for it we can watch catch up TV from the i-pad which is plugged into the TV. PHEWWWWWwwwww, thank goodness for that.

imageI can hear lots of people saying out there “X factor ??”, what a load of rubbish, but I love it. Remember I used to be a music teacher so I love programmes like this. I think Sam Bailey is going to win, I am routing for her!! She really is talented.

Well Roy has just made me a cup of tea and put a piece of chocolate cake out so I am slightly distracted at the moment…………cake is calling.

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4 Responses to Final Destination

  1. Jo says:

    Been following your journey back to Aston Marina. Hope you have a lovely return and of course Christmas. Sometimes it takes leaving a place to realise just how much you liked it and missed it, so be happy.

    We have not watched the X Factor this year, I got bored with it, but have been glued to I’m A Celebrity, which is good this year.

    Hugsssssss Jo x

    • Hi Jo,
      Hope you are well. I am missing your daily blogging. The blankets you have made are gorgeous. Wish I could crochet although a lady of another boat is going to teach me when we meet up next. Thanks for the comments and hope to see you soon. Love and best wishes, Clare xxx

  2. Frank & Cherrie says:

    Great to see you both & wish,and thank you so much for the gift,hoped you liked the different chocy cake,se ya soon Cherrie & Frank xx

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