Another Hot One!

No I am not relating the title to my husband as I am talking about the weather.

gaileynarrowI have a nose that looks like Rudolph, bright red, not because of the drink, but because it is sunburnt!!  Janet if you are reading… I know what you are thinking I only got through 1 bottle so far 😉

crashMany boats out today and there was almost a crash at one point… I can’t stop laughing about it, although I know I shouldn’t, but Roy was driving (me) round the bend, one boat behind, one coming at him and another decided to leave its mooring spot so that we had 2 boats coming at us… anyway, in front of all that chaos, which Roy just managed to manoeuvre through, there was a trip boat boarding lots of OAP’s onto it who were pausing for a photo… this was just after trying to manoeuvre through all these boats… Roy missed the boat by inches… I just had this vision of all these OAPS flying through the air as Roy hit the boat… and what did I do to help you may ask?… Took plenty of pictures just to capture the moment.

too longjunction1junction2It was a tight squeeze through the stop lock at Autherley Junction, so tight that Roy had to lift the fenders off the back of the boat so he could open the lock.

Lovely to bump into Joan & Jim from NB Two Jays……….Joan graciously & patiently posed for me whilst I tried to get my camera into action. Nice to see you both!!

roybadgestwo jays




Time for another icecream, so I popped into the little shop there where I bought a souvenier for Roy & myself and for Janet & Angus.   I  knew Roy would end up with captain… guess what I had? General Dogsbody!!  That sounds about right.

Janet & Angus are going to be left with Lock Labourer & Galley Slave…………I wonder who will have each one???

skull boatI have just heard thunder in the distance and it has started to rain… Never seen Roy move so quick cause he has just gone to the back of the boat to De-Bling it!! There’s a storm brewing.



yellow bridgesmotorway





needlesLook at the size of these…
I am talking about my knitting needles.
I feel like I am having a work out when I am knitting with them. I started to knit a throw for the boatmans cabin and the way I am going I shall have it finshed by tonight, tomorrow at the lastest. It is very addictive.

wishWish has been wearing her rose with pride today, she looks very cute… Roy will be wearing his tomorrow (going to sew one onto his hat without him knowing!!)

Chili Con carne for tea tonight… can’t wait. It is one of my favourite dishes that I make. Bottle of red already opened. Going to be an enjoyable evening!

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The Crack of dawn.

LifeI don’t think Roy was that impressed with me this morning when
I announced what time it was…

guess”  I said…
7.30 am”  he replied…
nope,  5.30 am!”  I announced.

I was wide awake and the sun was shining through the windows as I had not put any bungs in them. All I got back from grumpy was ….

” Why are you talking to me at this time of the night?”…
Cause I am awake!”

What a silly question… anyway, he turned over and started, or should I say continued snoring like a bloody warthog. Couldn’t get back to sleep so I just lay there thinking, I must have been thinking really hard it wore me out as I then woke up at 9.30 – Whoops!!

Quick shower, breakfast and then Roy “blinged” up the boat ( Mr.Fuller would be proud!) and we were off.

IMG_1481Roy took the boat and Wish & I headed off along the towpath with camera in hand… quick trip back as I hadn’t put the memory card in the camera!! Good start.  Anyway, off we went again and it was beautiful today. It was very sunny but there was a nice breeze.

IMG_1476Wish got the shock of her life when she went up to a dog who was Wishfast asleep at the side of a boat… was another collie dog. She was sniffing its backside (like dogs do) which is unusual for Wish as she normally keeps away from dogs… I think she thought it was dead…. anyway she was there for a few seconds and then the dog suddenly raised its head and Wish jumped a mile and ran off. Now that is more like the Wish I know.

locks of themlocks of themAs Roy came up to each lock we swapped over and I took Foxglove through each lock whilst Roy opened them and off Wish & I went again walking.

So glad I had my camera on me as we passed Graham & Evelyn Booth on NB Rome. First time we have seen them out on the canals with their boat. It was a wonderful surprise. I am sure she was pleased to see some of the “bling” we bought from her on the boat. Evelyn & Graham BoothFor those who don’t know Evelyn she owns Lockside Antiques. We bought quite a number of items that we have cherished when we first bought Foxglove to get the boatman’s cabin looking very traditional. Lovely to see you both again. One of her sayings that I always thought was really funny was… “It’s as rare as rocking horse shit”. Always stuck with me that has and makes me laugh.

IMG_1465 IMG_1446 IMG_1447Well I am sure we were the fishermen’s favourite friends today ( NOT). Roy cruising pass them on the boat whilst I was walking past them on the towpath. They didn’t know which way shove their pole……although I am sure they had a few ideas!! I always try to get a conversation out of them as most of them are very hard work and don’t say too much, mainly just get a grunt if you are lucky but I succeeded and everyone said hello!! Mission accomplished.

IMG_1486New BoatYou can meet someone interesting boats along the way. This chap had just bought a 40 year old boat with a Lister Engine. I am sure he will have lots of fun doing it up like we have. His two dogs were very photogenic.


locks of themAll 8 locks done today and we have come through Gailey lock and stopped for an ice cream. I always have a disaster with ice creams on the boat……….mainly because we always buy them when we are at a lock. Half of it had melted by the time we came through the lock and dropped on the floor. Done this before. Once I got in such a mess I knocked my sunglasses in at the lock, got the ice cream all over my hands…..can’t take me anywhere!

IMG_1461Not long after we moored up in a nice shaded spot for the rest of the day. We have decided on this trip as we have a few weeks that we are in no rush so we can do as much or as little as we want.

Well I am going to start my lates
t hobby this afternoon. What ? you might ask. Knitting!

Thanks to my friend Heather who taught me to knit just over a week ago I have found something that I absolutely love doing and it is so relaxing.

bagsSO WRONGLook at all these I made in a few days.

You tube has been good as I learnt to knit the flowers from watching one of the videos and now I have moved on to knitting roses and leaves. CuteThing is though I am knitting so many I am putting them all over the boat much to my amusement and not Roy’s. Little Potiron (the teddy bear) got one, the buckby can has got one ……. Not sure Roy was impressed with me putting it there, I like it though so it is staying. Even little Wishy got one, although by the look on her face she isn’t impressed either! I have got 3 more to place around the boat. Roy will have to find them!! Ha ha

I have a little plaque at the front of the boat:
So True

Poor Roy!!! ( Not)

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Springing !!

Staffs & WorcsInteresting word that,  Springing, probably doesn’t exist, but it has taken me ages to think of a title for tonight’s blog as it has been sooooo long since I have written and it is now middle of Spring………….so not really the best of titles but I guess I am “springing” back into action as we left the marina today and are now out on Foxglove for a few weeks. This will be the longest time we have cruised on the boat ever since we started boating almost 5 years ago, so I wanted to capture every moment. I just love this saying:

” In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.”

Cows This moment certainly took my breath away………….The smell from the cows was horrendous in the hot sun………….I guess that is why they were taking a dip!!   knittingAlready there were so many of those captivating moments today, it is just wonderful to be back out on the canals. We have moved marinas 3 times in the last 6 months and I guess it is because we just have not settled in one place. It is a good job we are on a boat!!………….Even though we have been based at a marina we have still ventured out every weekend when possible because it is just great to be out on the canals even if only a few hours away because the view changes all the times. radnorradnorThere was a great cloud of smoke coming out of one of the locks today…………..I was waiting with anticipation to see what was coming out. It was Steam Narrowboat Radnor. I was so engrossed taking pics as he went past and blew his horn for me that I left my boat in gear and almost hit a bridge as I turned around. Roy’s face was a picture!!! We have moored in Teddesley tonight and I could not believe that the last time we cruised this way was at Christmas. Everywhere looks so different. No mud for start offs!!! Everywhere you look is just luscious green…… People’s gardens are looking stunning and with the sun shining it was a fabulous start to our cruise. IMG_1435xIMG_1429xGreat surprise where we are moored tonight as there are another 2 boats moored up who were also built by Roger Fuller. I have actually got to meet Mr.Fuller a few times over the past few weeks…..He is a Genius!!! All of the boats I have seen that he has made are beautiful. We have even made friends with one of the owners, “Hi Steve” if you are watching……he is on NB Josiah. Gorgeous boat!!! (Even without a girly button J ) Teddesley   Well I won’t bore everyone with too much writing………….let the photos speak for themselves.

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New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

Well what a year it has been. Some major changes have happened and we have been thinking today about all the plans we have for 2014. More changes still to come. I believe everything happens for a reason and right now I can’t think of any place I would rather be.

We have been out since before Christmas on the canals and we are still out traveling. No plans of going back to the marina yet. I am so pleased the canals didn’t freeze during this time because that would certainly have put a stop to our travels.

We have ordered an Indian Takeaway for tonight which is being delivered about 1 minutes’ walk from the boat. Waiting for my phone to ring as I type now. Got some bubbly already  opened and we are spending our New Year’s Eve snuggled up warmly on the boat watching some TV and then we are going play a couple of games.

It has been a great day today although it did start quite wet for the first hour of our travels (although I was on tea duty then!) it remained dry for the rest of the day. 9 Locks completed today. Only passed 3 boats travelling today, lots of boats moored up. I loved the paintwork on this one.COLOURBOAT Very cheery.

Let’s see what 2014 brings.

May I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Best wishes from CLARE, ROY & WISH from FOXGLOVE Narrowboat

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Christmas Cruising

Well it has been over a week since I have written but I have been too busy with the run up to Christmas visiting friends, having friends over, shopping and baking and ensuring everything was O.K. on Foxglove in preparation for our first live aboard Christmas on the canals.

gloriaWe left the marina last Sunday in a gap where the winds had calmed down. The cruise has been a bit stop and start because of the severe winds. Today has been the worst but we are tied up tightly on the canal side and it has still stayed dry outside so it has still been a very enjoyable day.

One surprise on the way was when we saw Gloria who used to moor next to us at Aston Marina well over a year ago. It was a lovely surprise to see her as we were on our travels and she was just to leave to go on hers.

sunkFew other surprises on the way like this sunken boat. Such a shame to see this just left abandoned. Apparently it has been there for a while.

Another surprise or shock we had was the amount of mud on the towpath. Oh my goodness………never seen it so muddy before. Not very practical with a Border Collie who has white feet. Wondered what we could do to “assist” the situation instead of keep bathing her feet so Miss Genius /Crazy came up with this idea of wrapping cling film around the dogs feet….worked quite well until one fell off so the next time I tried tying nappy bags around her feet…..worked on 2 feet only. The only way was the bath!! Not good when you have to keep an eye on water usage on a boat. Luckily it was only for one day as yesterday the ground was hard with frost and there was even a thin layer of ice on the canals. It soon disappeared once the sun came out.

mixerI have already putting my Christmas present to good use. As you all know I have really started to enjoy baking and cooking and so I thought it would be really good to have something to help me in the kitchen……..unfortunately Roy was not of any use…ha ha, so he bought me a Kitchen Aid. Love it already. Baked another loaf of bread yesterday which was so much easier than trying to mix all the ingredients by hand as you just put everything in the bowl with a dough hook and switch it on for 5 minutes. Simples! As the Meerkats would say. Baked some mince pies today which were also a success. Going to make another loaf again tomorrow as we have ran out of bread today.

On the move again tomorrow which is a good job as we are in need of emptying rubbish, filling up with water and the most important thing of all……..toilet emptying ( that was the polite way of putting it).

IMG_1278 swans plane

Enjoyed taken some photos on the way but I have to say that Roy took the best photo tonight………and I have not heard the last of that either!! I will let him have his moment though 🙂

moat house

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There’s so much to be thankful for.

imageWe have had a busy couple of days as while Roy was off work we have done some running about Christmas shopping. One thing for sure this year we are not wasting money on any presents that will end up on a car boot sale in months or years to come for a £1.00

We had a lovely trip to Bridgemere Garden Centre on Friday. Everyone seems to be getting in the Christmas spirit. Very pretty seeing all the lights and Christmas trees. There was a traditional nativity all set out and then when I turned around there was a slightly more extraordinary one!image

Roy is busy today sorting out the TV today. A few trips to B&Q and Maplin yesterday to get all the sockets, adaptors or whatever it is he needed to sort out the little challenge of the TV reception. At the moment the aerial is stuck on a 3 ft pole (warning to anyway low flying aircraft passing). The reason for this is that there is a big hill at the side of the boat and believe me we have tried every degree/angle possible to get a signal but the hill is in the way. Having a 3 ft pole in high winds is not very good so we have to take it down cause of it blowing off……….luckily the wind subsided last night so we did get to watch X Factor. Talk about that in a bit though. Anyway, as I starting to really waffle and go off the subject slightly the only cure for the TV reception was to either go out at night with a shovel and dig all the hill away or to buy a Vu Qube. The Vu Qube it was!! Roy is busy connecting everything up at the moment. I am keeping out the way 😉 Hopefully it will all be sorted for the X Factor result/Final tonight.

Right, getting back to X Factor.I was gutted Luke left last night as I think he is quite unique and puts his own spin on the songs he sings. I am sure he will still have a good future ahead of him. You normally find the runners up do better than the winner as they have a year planned out for them and personally I don’t think being a supporting act to Beyonce for the winner is much of a prize as surely the winner of X Factor wants to be doing their own shows and not be a supporting act to someone else if you understand what I mean. I think the acts have already made a name for themselves and I wish them all well but I will be supporting Sam Bailey tonight as she has a fantastic voice.

Talking about singing………that’s a strange phrase……anyway I have been listening to Josh Groban today, probably annoying all the neighbours whilst I sing along. It is the Christmas album “NOEL”.

I just love really listening to each word………..what I mean by this is listening to the true meaning of the song. It inspires me to start song writing again. Roy is actually thinking of getting a keyboard for us both to play on and so that I can start song writing again. It was one way I used to express my thoughts and feeling through my songs. Anyway, I am getting a bit deep now. The song I really loved listening was called Thankful. If you read the words and really take in the meaning of them I think they are beautiful. My kind of song!


Somedays we forget
To look around us
Somedays we can’t see
The joy that surrounds us
So caught up inside ourselves
We take when we should give.

So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be.
And on this day we hope for
What we still can’t see.
It’s up to us to be the change
And even though we all can still do more
There’s so much to be thankful for.

Look beyond ourselves
There’s so much sorrow
It’s way too late to say
I’ll cry tomorrow
Each of us must find our truth
It’s so long overdue

So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be
And every day we hope for
What we still can’t see
It’s up to us to be the change
And even though we all can still do more
There’s so much to be thankful for.

Even with our differences
There is a place we’re all connected
Each of us can find each other’s light

So for tonight we pray for
What we know can be
And on this day we hope for
What we still can’t see
It’s up to us to be the change
And even though this world needs so much more

There’s so much to be thankful for

You can go view the video to this beautiful song by clicking on the link below:

Whilst I have been busy typing away Roy has got the TV all up and running……….there are wires coming through all the port hole windows at the moment but he has done that for a purpose to check everything is working before he then hides all the wiring! Good Man!! Oooohhhh sound as well………he has a very happy smile on his face J

Going to enjoy the rest of my Sunday now. Hope you all do too!

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A Woman’s Work is Never Done

I have had such a busy day today I don’t know how I fit it all in.

Woke up reasonably early today………..7.30am………eventually got up around 8am. I love waking up then taking the porthole bungs off first thing and then going on the i-pad reading all the different blogs I am following.

Quick breakfast, shower & dressed then, I don’t need to go into all the personal details but I think you get the gist, then I decided to walk with Roy to his van as he was at work today.

Off we went, with Wish, and as Roy said goodbye Wish & I continued for our walk ready for the day ahead…………that miracle final happened today…….

breadYes today, I finally made some bread. It was the first bread I have ever made in my entire life. It was Parmesan and sun dried tomato bread. I don’t know if it was beginners luck or if I was just extremely careful in everything I did but I have to say it was fantastic! Roy said if I hadn’t have taken the photos he would have thought it was bought from a bakery…….yes it was that good. We had tomato and basil soup with croutons for tea tonight (evening meal) with lots of the bread smothered in proper butter! Deeeeelicious. Roy really enjoyed it so it must have been good as he is one of the fussiest eaters ever.

flapjackNot only did I make the bread today but I made some flapjacks again with a slight twist. I chopped some glace cherries and then threw them in with the rest of the ingredients. They turned out even better than the other 2 batches I have made previous. They say practice makes perfect!

As planned I also gave the boat a waxing, on the one side, which I was glad I couldn’t get to the rest because I was in agony by the time I had finished. The boat looks super shiny. Just got the other side again to do L

shinneyWell after the dog had been walked twice today, baked bread, made flapjacks, did some washing, hoovered, dusted, cleaned the bathroom it was turned 3 pm so I sat down with a well-earned cup of coffee and sampled one of my flapjacks……………had to try 1 more just to ensure they were good. They were!

The only other I was going to do today was cook that chili con carne which I decided not to do because the bread smelt and looked so nice I thought it was a shame not to have it this evening and I think the bread was better with tomato and basil soup than it would have been with a chili. I am stuffed! Chili Con Carne on the menu for tomorrow evening though.

IIMG_1697t has given out rain for the next 3 days so it looks like we are going to get wet as we are going out on Foxglove for a long weekend.

I am sure I will sleep well tonight as I am already yawning and it is only 9.30pm

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Showroom Shine & Tigger

tarThe last couple of weeks since the fire has been on we have had tar residue running down the side of the boat. Now you know what a clean freak I am and that I like to keep the boat spotless………well tar is every boater’s worst nightmare and certainly will become mine unless we manage to do something about it.

The amount of people who have the same problem every year, you think there would be a better designed chimney to sort out the problem once and for all.

Anyway, rather than just washing the problem off the boat and waiting for it to reappear, which doesn’t really work but I will tell you more about that in a minute, anyway, as I was saying, we decided to solve the problem so off we went to the chandlery to see what we could find.

After picking up lots of different chimneys, liners etc we decided to buy an 18 inch liner to fit inside our existing chimney which is already double skinned and is 12 inches. We have been advised that if the liner is pushed right inside the flue and attach the rest of it to the existing chimney then that should do the trick…………..ermmmmmm……..not so sure………….got back to the boat and it is so tight we can’t fit the chimney on properly. Roy even got his mallet out!! At this point I decided to go shopping to Morrisons because I could see a disaster about to happen!!

The chimney is now stuck……….and I mean really stuck, so not sure it is going to work or not. We also bought some sealant just in case (this is plan B)…….just hope plan C and D aren’t on the horizon.

Showroom ShineGetting back to what I was mentioning earlier about getting rid of the tar, we have tried all kinds of things over the years, even the latest, One Chem, which is excellent for general boat washing and getting rid of black marks, but it is useless on tar. ANYWAY, I found a new product that works like magic. Quick spray on, wipe over with a micro fibre cloth then buff up with a second cloth. Magic, good as new! What is the wonder product you may wonder, well it is called SHOWROOM SHINE!

We gave the boat a good waxing a few weeks ago so now that this Showroom Shine has been used I might just retreat the area with some wax as Showroom Shine does NOT contain carnuba wax and carnuba wax is far more protective for your boat. Can you tell I am obsessed with my cleaning products? Do not answer that one.

Mrs Mop

Anyway, I was well impressed. Can you tell?

Been and done all the food shop today as I am making chili con carne tomorrow, hopefully enough to last until Friday and with a bit of luck I will bake this bread that I have been meaning to do for at least a couple of weeks now. It will be a miracle when I finally do.

I think it has started to go bitterly cold today but inside the boat it is roasting!  So cosy on the boat at night with candles lit and the fire roaring, it is lovely.

On a positive note Roy decided to add our blog to the UK Waterways Raking site. I haven’t done this before as I know as soon as I would be on there I would feel some kind of pressure on  me………..I don’t do pressure anymore. Anyway, we only went on it yesterday and the amount of viewers that have now visited the site is unbelievable. I will see how it goes because I do not want it to take the enjoyment out of writing if I suddenly feel that I “have to” do it, if you understand what I mean.

tiggerIt is so nice looking back at the blog as it is my diary of how we come to buy Foxglove and how we got to be living on her. A lot of people still ask if we have Tigger…………yes we do……….we feel it might be bad luck if he is not on here somewhere. If any of you are still wondering who Tigger is then my answer is simple………..Read the blog!

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Ladies that Lunch

Thanks Barbara for our new nickname…………that is what 4 of us ladies did yesterday…….had lunch.

Had a visit back to Mercia Marina and went out with Barbara, Cherrie & Julie. We had a great day together. It was my turn to visit them as they all came to see me last week.

Cherrie had made us all Madera Cake ……..Roy & I ate that last night…….not all of it though, although I have just finished the last of it off today with a cup of coffee! It was delicious!!

We all had a good chat around the table in Julies boat……….which is now re-names the party boat as you can fit so many people inside her boat you could literally have a disco on there………..anyway, as I was saying, we all sat around the table and I gave them all a manicure. Julie had the French Manicure done, you know the one with the white tips……..they all looked lovely! So all poshed up and ready to go out we all headed off out for lunch.

We always laugh so much when we are out and each one of us are so different we get on really well. I think it brings our naughty side out when we are all having a giggle!! I keep telling them I used to be so good…..I am sure they are corrupting me!! Ha ha. Only kidding girls!

Julie collects pigs and we saw this which would have been great for her boat!! She said she thought the ears were like hers……..I said no, more the nose!!

The insults were flying, bit like those pigs……….image






Why you may ask……….well she thought this little chap looked like me:image

I was killing myself laughing………..I said what are you trying to say, is it the teeth? do my teeth look like that? We were both only joking but we could not stop laughing. I think it was the nice shiny hair that resembled me we both agreed on!! Ha ha.

I think everyone in the Garden Centre heard us but once one of us started laughing we all start.


Meet the muppets: Oops I mean puppets 😉image

It was a great day and when I got back home Roy was already there, boat all lit up with Christmas lights, fire on, candles on……… was lovely. Another perfect end to a perfect day.

I am on the boat all day to day busy doing a few jobs. Washing, hoovering……….finishing off the last of that Madera Cake, drinking coffee oh and chatting to my new friend Lewis!

I have never met Lewis before but he contacted me through the blog and he has a blog going , 2 actually ( because he is so good!). Click on the links at the side, NB One thing after another and The Narrowboat Baker. We have been keeping in contact via e-mail and messaging. He is like the male version of me and we have so much in common it is untrue. I feel if I ask him something I already know the answer!! Anyway, he is a lovely guy and can’t wait to meet him over Christmas! Roy has dropped a hint… you make a good cheesecake?!

Lewis is the one who has inspired me to do a bit more cooking. I have still not made that bread yet……….I was going to do it on Sunday but we had visitors and so it just didn’t get done………..excuses I know……….I just feel a need a day free to do it so I can concentrate on baking it and tidying up the mess after me! That part might take the longest.

Well it is only 3.15 here at and it is starting to go a bit cold and a bit dull outside. Luckily for me the fire is on and I am happy enough staying put.

Look out for some videos to come as Roy is getting back into his video editing. He is very good at. It is like going to the movies, music, titles, outtakes, everything!

Can I let you all into a little secret for those who still have not spotted it……….

Remember this photo?pic11a

It is not real.

It is a photo of Blackpool Tower all lit up and Roy did his magic with a photo of Foxglove, darkened it, added the reflection and EH PRESTO! That is what he got.



Before any of you ask……..this picture isn’t real either!!snow

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Lights, camera, action!

xmaslightsWell if you turn the title of the blog around it will be more suited to:

Action: Roy getting busy on the roof of the boat putting the lights on and a bit of drilling for wiring etc!!

Lights: he had just finished putting the Christmas lights up as the sun was setting

Camera: then it was that all important time to get the camera out to capture the memories.

Foxglove is starting to look very festive. It is going to be great spending our first live aboard Christmas on the boat.

photo 1a

This weekend has just flown by. Roy has had Friday off work also so we have had a nice, long weekend together.

After going Trentham Gardens with the Mercia girls on Wednesday I decided to take Roy to show him what he had missed out on! Ha ha. Only joking, we decided to go there just to get some simple decorations for inside the boat for Christmas oh and to get this shopping trolley to help me carry all the food from the car to the boat and a new butter dish that I had my eye on the other day.

Roy is refusing to use the shopper trolley, I think something like I don’t want to look like Roy from Roy’s Rolls off Coronation street came in the conversation. Me…..on the other hand……I don’t care. Carrying a ton of shopping from the car to the boat or making several trips back and forth wasn’t going to be doing my back any good so the answer was a trolley! I love it!

trolley dollyUsed the trolley already when we went to the farmers market at Stone yesterday… although Roy made me leave it in the car when we went around the shops and market and we only used it when we got back to the marina to take it all to the boat! I will get a photo of him pushing the trolley, believe me…. just a little time… Push your trolley with pride!!

We bought 2 buffalo burgers from the farmers market, they were huge. They looked very strange but I have to admit tasted really nice. I grilled them with some onions and a really nice side salad with tomatoes. I mention tomatoes cause Roy does not like tomatoes one bit what so ever, but, wait for this…….the salad was so nice with the dressing I had made that he actually ate 2 tomatoes! Amazing! Gob smacked and miracles do happen is probably more appropriate!

Today ( Sunday) has been very busy but a great day. We had invited Mick & Elly off narrowboat Parisien Star for coffee. See their blog by clicking on “blogs we follow”. They are such a lovely couple. It was nice showing them Foxglove as they have only seen photos of it. Wish (the dog) was being her normal over friendly self. She thinks everyone has to make a fuss of her, everyone does though. It was nice they came over as this was the first time Roy had really met them both.

A new couple have just brought their boat into the marina and the lady came round have a look at Foxglove. She is called Clare also. They are very excited about having their first boat. I wonder if they will decide to live on one after a few years of holidays and weekends cruising the canals. That’s what happened with us.

snowI love living on Foxglove permanently. Roy and I have managed to have so much more quality time together and that is great. After all that is what we both wanted, to be enjoying our life together. He finishes work on the 20th December. We really hope the canals don’t freeze as we are hoping to go out cruising for a couple of weeks if possible, or at the very least a few days. All depends on the weather. Time will tell.

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